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Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing a house or entering a long-term commercial lease, I help guide you through the real estate process from the initial offer to deal completion. When buying real estate, you want to make sure you get everything right from the start.
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Contracts and Agreements

Contracts are the foundation of any transaction, and a well-drafted agreement is vital in ensuring legal and financial safety. Opting out of solid legal representation in order to save on fees is like playing with fire. When it comes to contracts and legal documents, it is essential to have it done correctly so that you don’t end up paying the price later on.
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Business and Corporate Law

I act as legal counsel for both start-ups and established businesses. With startups, I help you refine your ideas, select the correct business format, and devise strategies to accelerate fast growth. If you are buying or selling all or part of an existing business, I help structure the deal to your advantage while mitigating any chance of legal risk.
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