6 Ways a Lawyer Can Help You Start Your Business

It’s easy to gloss over employing a lawyer for your new business because other issues, such as marketing, operations, and hiring employees, seem more urgent. However, there are several legal facets to starting a business, and relying on templated online forms puts you at the risk of sacrificing long-term headaches for immediate efficiency. That’s why it’s so important to have an attorney by your side from day 1. In fact, here are a few more ways an attorney can help you get your new business off the ground:

1. Formation of the Business

The first step in starting a business is selecting the right entity. Whether you want to save on taxes, protect your personal assets, or attract investors, a business attorney can help you select the right business structure so you can start off on the right foot. 

2. Corporate Governance

If you intend on incorporating, a business attorney can walk you through the steps of changing your entity status and explaining your new responsibilities under incorporation. Perhaps you’ll need to hold annual shareholder, director, or partner meetings. Similarly, you may have to record minutes and elect officers. 

Failure to properly operate under your new entity could cause major headaches down the road. If you get sued, your personal assets could be seized to cover the damages. A good business attorney can help prevent that from ever happening in the first place.

3. Intellectual Property

A company must take measures to safeguard its intellectual property. This involves the company name, logo, brand name, and other company elements that copyrights should protect. Businesses may have other intangible assets, including architectural designs, devices, creations, and computer software, which should also be protected. Some business processes may also qualify for patent protection. An attorney can help business owners acquire the required copyright, patent, and trademark registrations to safeguard this significant part of their company.

4. Privacy Policies

Business attorneys can also help companies safeguard their data about their patients, clients, or customers by drafting a privacy policy for the company’s website. If your business collects any data whatsoever, even something as small as an email address, you’ll need a privacy policy to explain what you do with that private data.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreements

As business owners work with vendors and other third parties to conduct and execute their services, you will want to guarantee that your company’s trade secrets are protected. Business attorneys can assist in drafting non-disclosure agreements so companies can grow without having to worry about their data or processes being stolen.

6. Employee Agreements

While many companies begin as one-person operations, the need to hire additional employees opens up a new world of legal consideration. Business attorneys can help their customers by drafting employment agreements, employment contracts, and non-compete agreements.

Seek Legal Help

If you’re planning to start a business, you should seek assistance from a competent lawyer. Please contact the Greenbaum Law Firm, P.A. to schedule a consultation today.

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